As a wrist bracelet, you can not like a bouquet-like shoulders

As a wrist bracelet, you can not like a bouquet-like shoulders, also surrounded by the collar, or tied to the butterfly section on a belt or bag. During the past Christmas, the average selling Hermes scarf every 38 seconds, showing its popularity. Now the most popular models are the leather bag Kelly bag and the Birkin bag. Kelly bag was first sold in 1935 had already begun, the first is the Sac-à-croire for the product name, the original which is hanging in the saddle of an attached satellite bag, and then refined into products suitable for ladies use slightly trapezoidal shape lines, double-bag buckle design, accompanied by a short mention of the semi-circular. Material from crocodile leather, ostrich, calfskin pigskin to everything, the size is the size of the available, suitable for use in a variety of occasions. Later, the actress became Princess of Monaco Kelly Ge Lisi, the princess With Caroline, she attended a public, photographed American “Life” magazine to a bag which obscured her micro protruding belly photos, which bag thus fame consent princess, Sac-à-croire then in 1955 officially changed its name to Kelly. Kelly bag from tanning, choose leather, dye, cut to suture, all done by hand, it takes three days to complete a purse. In the inside of the bag, but also marked the manufacture of artisan code later to repair, maintain, run by the same craftsmen to help you, and will help customers sewn on individual English name. Such attention to the production process and follow-up services, making it the high price, and must be booked in advance, and sometimes have to wait several years to buy. Also it has a high popularity and Kelly bag – Birkin, birth origin also an interesting story. Hermes CEO Dumai certain times on the plane, sitting next to the British-born coincidence but popular French singer Jane. Birkin Jane Birkin (when it was Serge Gainsbourg’s wife), because often around the tour, 柏金希 hope to have a convenient place her baby diapers and milk powder in the bag, so she took her daughter to go out, all of these things can be together to reduce the burden. This desire led to the birth later Birkin bag. Birkin bag has two forms of hard and soft, and there are three sizes to select, both elegant and practical. The rising trend in casual today, for travel boarding the Birkin bag is easy to match with more modern feel full public favor. Also due to the large capacity, easy to place the file, the pursuit of taste of many women in the workplace is also the Birkin bag to use as a briefcase. Supermodel Kate Moss is one of the Birkin bag who love to use. Today Hermes has more than 80 kinds of products of its subsidiaries engaged in the production, wholesale and retail and logistics management, and constitutes Hermes three parts, namely HERMèS Sellier (leather goods), La Montre HERMèS (watch) and HERMèS Parfums (Perfume ), and has offices around the world. Hermes has about two hundred stores worldwide, 56 retail counters, in order to maintain consistent ownership of Hermes taste and image, all product design and production, on the pattern of each store’s design, even in France showcases are original Factory order only by air to the rest, it is desirable to maintain the centuries-old insisted.

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Hermes brand name in order based on the field

Hermes brand name in order based on the field of fashion brands. Hermes is after the initial product Kobo saddlery business, foresaw the vehicle development, the carriage will use the recession, the focus began to shift to cause the production of wallets and handbags, and be successful. Now use the trademark inspiration from Hermes museum which, coming from the Alfredde Dreux watercolor painted painting groom inside a small two-seater is a Victorian carriage waiting for his master, the founder of Hermes got this picture inspiration, this picture also immediately became perfume Caleche decorative signs. The reason why such patterns deliberately used as a trademark, of course, because the origins of traditional companies and carriage era, on the other hand it is deliberately highlight “Hermes products are manufactured out of the highest quality presentation concept, but how exhibits belong The style is self-end watch customers themselves. ” That means that no one carriage Hermes products can really control the wagon (perfect use of the product), it is the customer himself. This can be seen not grandstanding Hermes products introverted character. Hermes was first in 1837 by Thierry HERMèS (1801 年 ~ 1878) was founded in Paris in harness manufacturing company. Later, the French emperor Napoleon III and Russia have become their customers. Thierry’s grandson, is the company’s third-generation head of Emile-Maurice HERMèS (1871 年 ~ 1951) will cause keratosis territory toward more business. At the beginning of the 1890s, to produce harness technology, Hermes produced a first bag Sac haut-à-croire. 1927 launch of watches. Thereafter, apparel, jewelry and accessories, perfumes, one after another to carry out the expansion of its production sector. And all product design, manufacture and sell all by internal overall planning, single-handedly hand without leave of others. 1920, Hermes actively expand handbags, travel bags, gloves, belts, jewelry, notebooks, as well as watches, ashtrays, scarves and other production line, also in New York opened its first overseas store, enter another milestone. 1950’s took over after Robert DUMAS, but launched a perfume, ties, suits, shoes, accessories, bath towels, porcelain, jewelry, men and women clothing, watches and desk accessories series and other new products, so that Hermes really become across the whole life orientation Representative taste.

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